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Helpful Hints

How to measure a shirt
How to measure a pant
How to wear formal-wear

How to measure a shirt


Measure a shirt collar that fits you well. Lay the collar flat. Measure from center of collar button to far end of opposite button hole. Or mesure around base of the neck (the lowest point of the neck). Number of inches equals the neck size you should order.

Sleave length:

With arm relaxed at side and slightly bent, measure from center back neck, over top of shoulder, down outside of arm to wrist.

How to measure a pant


Measure around waist, over body (not over shirt or slacks) at the height you normally wear your pants.


Take a pair of pants that fits you well. Measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the pants. Number of inches (to nearest 1/2") = inseam length. Add 1/2" for cotton pants to allow for shrinkage.


Measure from top of pant waistband down side seam of pant to bottom of pants.

How to wear formal-wear


Coat sleeves should fall at break in wrist when arms are down at side.


The perfect length pant leg breaks slightly on top of the shoe and angles a bit downward in back.


  • Black dress socks and shoes should be worn with a black or dark-colored tuxedo.
  • White socks and shoes should be worn with a white tuxedo.
  • If a shoe requires laces, they should be strung in a horizontal fashion.


  • Cummerbunds are worn with pleats facing up.
  • Shirtsleeves should extend just beyond jacket sleeves (about on-half inch).
  • Cuff links should match studs.
  • A boutonniere should be worn on the left lapel and tilted slightly outward.